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This blog is rigged!!!

Well a few weeks ago I decided to redo my boom after it got runover by a car. I went to the metal supermarket and this is what I came up with. I bought two 8 foot pieces of 1.25in schedule 40 aluminum pipe. I then bought a 4 foot piece of 1in schedule 40. The 1in pipe fits pretty snuggly into the 1.25in. All in all, it is 16 feet in total length


As you can see the 1in pipe fits inside of the 1.25 pipes. I drilled 4 holes into the 1.25 pipe and then aligned the clamp with each hole. Each clamp has a thumb screw, which effectively acts as a set screw…connecting each 1.25 section to the inner 1in pipe. Here they are slightly spread apart to show how it all works.


And here they are flush and completely tightened


And lastly, here is a pic to show the inner walls. Much thicker than the stuff you get at home depot.


And here are some of the pictures of it in action.


13 Responses to “This blog is rigged!!!”

  1. Seagram says:

    Intersting that you opted for a thicker pipe wall instead of a bigger diameter. How do you find the bowing & warping on this one?

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