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Lum-tec M37 Image Build Up

Well, after a veryyyyy long hiatus from photography and my blog, I finally found some time and a reason to pick the camera back up. The pic I’m going to show you an animation of is of one my recently purchased watches, a Lum-tec M37 Chronograph. It comes with 2 leather straps and one metal bracelet, and I decided this was the weekend to size the bracelet and try it on. Shortly after, I came across an image of this Omega Limited Edition Liquidmetal and realized that I really want to try and replicate the “look”. After a 2 day affair, I finally managed to get close.

And here is the Image buildup…

The image below is made up of probably 6-10 images. Most of the frames you see in the animation below will be merging images or parts of images together. Other frames will be layer adjustment maps, and some (like the shadows and the purple glint of the sapphire) are just made from scratch in Photoshop.

Got any ideas of Images you would like to see build-ups of? Drop a comment and let me know.

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